Thoreb ITvehicle customers are mainly manufactures of fire fighting vehicles e.g:

Floby Autokaross Rescue Systems, Sweden

Wawrzaszek, WISS-fire engines, Poland

Marcé, South Africa

SidheánTeo, Ireland

Sala Brand, Swedcat, Sweden

Incipresa, Spain

Saurus, Finland

Truck Records, England

Hauberg Technique, Denmark

Ruberg, Sweden

Thoma-WISS, Germany

NK Fire and Safety, India

Swedish Firebus, (inactive) Sweden

During the years we have been involved in different projects from leisure boats to forest harvesters.


Example of customers working in other segments, i.e. not fire and rescue:

LHM Hakkuri is making machines that work up wood, i.e. wood chips, by chipping branshes and smaller trees.

Flexiwaggon is a new and unique solution for intermodal freight transports on the railway and the roads. Flexiwaggon enables more environmentally friendly, financially viable and rational transports.

Bracke Forest is a world leader in forest regeneration. They develop and manufacture scarifiers, planting machines, silviculture and biomass heads, felling heads, and equipment for mechanized seeding.

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